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Mosquito Coil Making Machinery

Mosquito Coil Making Machinery
Mosquito Coil Making Machinery
Product Code : MCMM 04
Brand Name : ANANTHA
Product Description

Mosquito Coil Making Machinery :

We are one of the  leading Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Mosquito Coil Making Machines in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. 

 Making Mosquito Coil Making Machines which includes below machines.


High Power Mosquito Coil Extruder Machine is basically an Automatic Programmed m/c and can accommodate flat belt shaped materials in endless production with  Screw and Nozzle. It consists of a rigidly cast body fitted with a stainless steel extruder screw with SG Nose. It is driven with Heavy duty Helical Gear box.


Extruder Speed : 0 to 25 m / min

Motor  : 15 HP Motor with 15 Hp Ac drive

Screw Size :    150 mm to 156 mm Dia

Main Shaft Rotation    : 0 RPM to 50 RPM

Quality of  Screw :    MS

Extrusion Width  :   200 mm  Max



Mosquito Coil’s Kneading m/c is an efficient equipment for fast heavy duty mixing of large quantities of compound, raw aterials and dyestuff. Also it is the answer  to the best clayey materials. The materials moves to crusher on manually operated shutter.


Motor   :           15 H.P 

Gear Box  :      Helical Gear Box 

Kneading Roller Rotation  : approx 24 rpm

Capacity  :      50- 80 kgs

Chemical Mixer Tank – For mixing chemical operates with 0.5 HP Gear Motor                                          


Mosquito Coil’s Stamping m/c makes automatic stroke through Hydraulic system. This m/c is rigidly built to with stand the most severe usage and accurately constructed body. It consists of tabular fabricated body with a carriage mounted on high precision LM guides for accurate carriage movement. Carriage mounted with 8 Molds for 8hrs, 7 molds for 10 hrs & regular 12 hrs,7  molds for 12 hrs Jumbo Coils is carried to ejection and stamping stationary. Carriage Frame provided with Sliding system for changeover of Moulds in order to reduce the downtime. The m/c is equipped with fully automatic and programmed with Programmable Logic Controller, Ideally suited for mass production.

Stamping Speed           : 14 to 16 strokes / min


Body Material : M.S. Rectangular Tube  (  TATA  )

Motors   : 10 H.P. 

Bed Motor – 2 HP



A)  Bucket Elevator  :   Elevator to convey kneaded material to the Extruder. Endless belt with buckets fitted at regular intervals to carry mat to the extruders.

Power of 2 H.P. with suitable standard Geared Motor.  


B)  Roller Conveyor   :   Conveyor installed between the Extruder and Stamping m/c.

       1.  Cutter Motor   :  0.5 H.P with suitable

                                     Geared Motor

       2.  Centrifugal Blower : 200 Watts approx

       3.  Web Drive Mechanisim : 1.0 H.P.



C)   SMALL(step) & BIG  Scrap Re-cycling Conveyors  - 2 nos.

 Motor  : 2.0 H.P. with suitable Geared Motor

                Stamping Return Conveyor


Motor : 1 HP with Suitable Geared Motor

               Return Conveyor  of Crusher .


D) Crusher - Screw Conveyor for Crushing     and Conveying  (dough breaking)

 Motor  :   5 H.P. with suitable Geared Motor.